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Why NWS Janitorial?

Why choose Janitorial
Outsourcing your office and facility janitorial services brings peace of mind so you can focus on your business.
Let NWS Janitorial Service

Save You Time

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DID YOU KNOW? NWS Janitorial not only services Syracuse, but all of Central New York, including, Onondaga County, Madison County, Cayuga County & Oswego County.

What Separates NWS Janitorial From Everyone Else

NWS Janitorial prides ourselves on an unmatched level of quality in everything we do. We offer a hands-on management approach, comprehensive personnel training, and routine inspections, ensuring customer satisfaction and a healthy, safe and clean work environment.
Over ten years of service with our very first customer, and never missing a day of service.
Direct access to company ownership and management. No middle man provides immediate responsiveness to customer concern and needs.
Our Employees
Hiring quality employees that are properly trained to meet the specifications of each facility. Every employee is subject to a full background check.
A healthy and clean environment is a safe environment for your staff as well asours. We apply disinfectants and sanitizers to high-touch surfaces andhard-to-reach areas that standard application tools struggle to get.
Chemicals & Equipment
We use EPA approved chemicals and the most efficient equipment to ensure thebest results at the lowest cost.
NWS Janitorial is personally committed to upholding a standard of excellence in our work. Our objective is to provide superior service by being the most reliable and responsive cleaning contractor in the area.
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